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White Interior Design

By Amra B. 

What would my ideal home look like? What about its interior design? 

I have searched far and wide for many factors that inspire me when it comes to interior design, and I have always come back to white.

I like white interior design so much that I believe that there is no such thing as too much white, e.g., in your home decor, wardrobe, office, and other space. For me, white signifies luxury, elegance, simplicity, purity, and clarity. 

Also, I find that white is a perfect base for any other color/colors that may follow, e.g., you can layer any bold art, and it will stand out so wonderfully against the white wall; or you can add a colorful mat to your white marble floor, and the decor will come alive. 

Below, you will find some of my favorite white interior design ideas. What do you think? Which color and/or shade inspires you in your home? I hope the white interior design inspires you to start fresh!  

White Interior DesignBedroom
White Interior Design: Kitchen

White Interior DesignLiving Room
White Interior DesignBathroom 

White Interior Design: Candles

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