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Helena Christiansen Body

By Amra B. 

One of my favorite original supermodels, Helena Christiansen, loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle by including regular exercise into her busy schedule.

HELENA SAYS: I only really started working out properly three years ago. I’ve always walked for miles in New York every day – in fact 90 per cent of my travelling in the city is on foot.

I like boxing and skipping and I have started swimming and am also learning to play tennis with my son so we can play together one day.

I also like running outdoors. I don’t run very far, just 20 minutes about three times a week – it’s the best way to start the day. Twenty minutes is just enough to get my heart rate up but not over-exhaust myself.

And I do a new class called Jukari Fit To Flex. It’s different to anything I’ve ever tried and after five minutes you’re really sweating and I love that feeling!

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