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Top Picks: Summer Sunglasses

By Elma Beganovich

Recently, I made a trip to New York Botanical Gardens, about half an hour outside of Manhattan, and I must say the trip was well-worth it. The New York Botanical Gardens are a true oasis and make a perfect get away from the bustling city to gather your thoughts while enjoying the surrounding green serenity. 

For my day getaway, I picked-up a perfect pair of sunglasses (my favorite cat-eye) from Sama Eyewear. The Blake glasses are quite cool because the sides are gold pleated (24k gold). I would recommend Sama Eyewear because of their high quality and ultra sleek design. For the rest of my ensemble, I am wearing a black fringe skirt and flower crown from H&M, Chanel boy bag, and lucky love tank top from Urban Outfitters. 

So fashionistas, when planning your summer getaway, always take the time to pick out your perfect summer glasses, which will make you feel "oh so chic." Until next time, stay fabulous and beautiful, xoxo from New York City! 

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Irene Kleimann said...

Just a bit of boho:) Nice one~


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