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Over the Knee Boots

Amra B.

As the last of winter draws out in NYC, I am taking the opportunity to wear one of my favorite pair of boots - over the knee flat boots. They are one of the most practical boots I own as I can dress them up and dress them down while staying perfectly comfortable. I particularly love wearing them with mini dresses and love how they show off just the right amount of skin in winter.

Below I paired up my boots with a khaki dress, blazer, and a spring jacket. I added a beanie to dress down the otherwise preppy feel of the jacket. I added my favorite (almost vintage) chain bags and one of my current favorite sunnies with golden details. 

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Outfit: Khaki dress H&M, blazer BCBG, Burberry jacket and purse, Top Shop sunglasses, Jimmy Choo boots, hat vintage 


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