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How to Pull Off the Safari Look

By Elma B.

One of the timeless fashion looks that never seems to go out of style is the safari ensemble. Its creamy brown colors and soft greens make it possible for almost anyone to pull off the look. For those of you (like me) not inhabiting the exotic lands that entail the African safari, here are some styling tips on how to pull off the look... 

                African Safari--How to Pull off the Look:

1. Stay "Nude." Like I mentioned, the safari look largely consists of creamy browns and some soft greens. The nude color is heavily present in the look. 

2. Add a Cool Hat. Add a cool hat, I adopted mine to the cold conditions of New York City. If you are sporting this look during the spring or the summer, you can add something similar to a classic safari hat.

3. Adapt. For the sake of not looking silly and out of place, adapt your safari look to whatever region of the country (or the world) you inhabit. If you are living in a cosmopolitan area, I would avoid wearing pieces like the bulky safari boots that are accompanied by high socks. 

4. Add a belt. Add thin brown belt to accentuate your waist. I did not do so in the photos below because my jumpsuit already a built in strap that is akin to a belt. 

5. Loosen-up. Steer away from clothes that are unbearably tight, the safari look is all about being laid back. The waist is the only part that could be emphasized. 

And there you have it fashionistas, the five styling tips on how to pull off the safari look. Below, you will see how I adapted the safari like look to the chilly conditions of New York City. Do you fancy the safari look? Leave me a comment, love hearing from my fans. XOXO from NYC!

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