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Valentine's Day Inspiration

By Amra B. 

With the Valentine's Day approaching, I have been busy trying to find a perfect gift (and a matching outfit to go along). It might sound cliché, but some of my most romantic moments occurred on Valentine's Day; this is when I had my first real “grown up” date as a teenager, received my first piece of real jewelry, and went on a first dinner date with my then boyfriend. Also, this is a holiday that celebrates love; no matter if you are single or not, we all need a little extra attention (love) once in a while. 

Below I have complied a list of my favorite Valentine's Day activities and gift ideas. If you are single, worry not - there are plenty of suggestions on how to perfectly enjoy this holiday SOLO! 

  • Wear your most flattering ensemble: my foolproof date night outfit for Valentine's Day is an LBD, sexy stiletto heels, and a red lipstick. This look is timeless and with so many options to choose from, this eternal combination never goes out of style. 

  • Seduce with the scent: you can never go wrong by choosing a great perfume or cologne as a Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend. When picking out scents for other people, I consider their personalities; shy and conservative types usually prefer lighter scents that are fresh, flowery, or citrusy while outgoing personalities are more likely to enjoy stronger scents (woodsy and spicy notes) with hints of amber and/or musk. 

  • Put on your dancing shoes: this Valentine's Day, go dancing with your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends and have a blast. I like to mix it up by choosing a place that I ordinarily don’t visit; tango and salsa bars are both sexy and fun. Burlesque show is also a fun alternative and a perfect place to show off your LBD and sexy stilettos. 

  • Start cooking: if you are in a mood for a more intimate atmosphere this Valentine's Day, you can always throw a dinner party. This is a perfect way to have fun and get creative; it is also very inexpensive. I like to prepare light meals with cocktails or wine; alternatively, cheese, fruit, and cold meets are equally great and available from any supermarket.  For dessert, chocolate cake or molten dark chocolate with fruit for dipping is a great option. TIP** invest in nice dishes and get fancy with the presentation: this can make plain cheddar cheese seem like fancy Escargots Bourguignonne. 

Below is my winter-day-casual Valentines day ensemble! Wishing you a great day! 

Outfit: Pants Sandro, sweater H&M, stilettos Zara, scarf Dior, purse Salvatore Ferragamo

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