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My Top Shopping Secrets

By Elma B.

Had you asked me a few years ago about my shopping habits, it probably would have been something like "shop until you drop." As I have grown older (I am in my late twenties), I would steer you into the direction of quality v. quantity. Basically, unless you will wear a piece over 100 times, do not purchase it. So, what would I advise you in terms of the best shopping "practices?" 

My Top Shopping Secrets

1. Quality over quantity. Recently, I cleaned out my closet and realized how much money I splurged on well...junk. These pieces were too trendy and the quality was mediocre, at best. Steer away from purchases that were made out of boredom and rather save to acquire quality items. Find brands that you trust and that are reasonably priced.

2. Back to basics. Basic and solid colored pieces are the ons that you will wear over and over again this year and for years to come. Basics are easy to pair with whatever items. Also, the clean simple cuts are often the most beautiful. 

3. Consignment. If you cringe every time you see someone else with your bag (or whatever fashion piece), find a cool consignment store with those one of a kind authetnic pieces. Here, I found a silver Salvatore Ferragamo tiny purse with a huge bow. Consignment store will assure your pieces are one of a kind and you will not burn a whole in your wallet. 

4. Recycle. Pick out pieces that you can wear a million times a million different ways that same season. If the item is too discerning, better think twice about purchasing it. Again, the solid colored basics usually do the trick. 

There you have it fashionistas, I hope my tips will steer you in the right directions and will give you guidance on how to make better shopping decisions in 2015. Below, you will see I am wearing solid colored and clean cut pieces that I will be able to wear (hopefully) all year long. Until next time, xoxo from the Big Apple! 


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