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Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends--What's Coming

By Elma B.

I have been freezing in New York City, and we are more than ready for Spring! And there is no better time to clean out your wardrobe and purchase a few new fashion pieces than in Spring. So, before rushing into the store and making (yet another) careless purchase, you should consider not only what is trending but also what fashion pieces you will get the most milage out of. Thus, I wanted to keep you in the trend loop and give you some timeless style tips for the Spring season...

Everyday Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

1. Minimalism. Simple cuts and toned down colors are the aesthetic trend right now. Think Mary Kate's and Ashley Olsen's The Row. In another words, less is more.  

2. Straight cuts. The androgynous look has been dominating the fashion world. The cuts are straight and not meant to reveal your figure. I favor this look because of its comfort and laid back feel.

3. X-Large everything. X-large sweaters, coats, and t-shirts have taken over almost every fashionista's closet. The comfortable chic look is all about sporting your oversized wardrobe. Tips, slip into a men's sweater or a t-shirt to have better control of your purse strings.

4. Vintage. Vintage and authentic clothes are all the buzz this season. Thus, if something looks worn out and antique, it is sure to turn heads. 

5. Statement pieces. Wear a statement piece to spruce-up your toned down outfit. With all the minimalism, steer away from being a bore. Thus, I would suggest wearing an amazingly bright purse (e.g., red clutch) or shoes (e.g., see my red sparkly stilettos below).  

There you have it fashionistas, these are the top 5 Spring fashion trends that are not likely to go out of style anytime soon. What are your favorite Spring pieces and fabrics? Leave a comment below, I love hearing from you! Xo from New York! 

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Cora said...

is red/green plaid as a statement piece ok or is that too much???


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