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Pearls on Pearls

By Amra B. 

There is something about pearls that even a boho-style loving girl like me can’t ignore: they are timeless, elegant, and chic. They work well with almost anything in my wardrobe and have the power to make me feel effortlessly beautiful. My new Pure Pearls come in lovely assortment of colors and shapes, and I specially love the dramatic effect of layering them over each other. 

I am huge fan of combining unexpected pieces together, and so I paired up pearls with a sportier jumpsuit and sneakers. I love the idea of wearing dressy items with casual ones, and I like to use otherwise classic pieces to create a more downtown-street-style effect. I topped my outfit with a beaded pearl blazer and a classic black boho hat. 

Below are some of my tips on how to wear pearls: 
  • Opt for solid colors: Pearls stand out best against solid clothing. I love wearing my white pearls against black pieces and vice versa. Busy patterns tend to make pearls disappear
  • Layer pearls for a dramatic effect: More is more with pearls (just see some recent Chanel runway styles). For a night out or a cocktail party, I love layering pearls 2-3 pearl necklaces together of different pearl colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Choose simple style for an office attire: Pairing a simple pearl necklace with a white shirt makes an outfit look instantly more polished. I also love wearing pearls under a simple black blazer or with a V neck sweater. 

Wishing you a wonderful day! 

Outfit : Pearls from Pure Pearls, jacket and jumpsuit Zara, sneakers Hogan, hat H&M, purse Chanel 

Details: Pure Pearls 

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Ann Robie said...

I love this look - it's so simple and so chic!

Ann |


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