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Office Chic: Top 5 Work Fashion Essentials

By Elma B.

I am a huge fan of elegance and understated glamour, which are both fitting styles for almost anyone's work wardrobe. And no, you don't have to look like a boring bureaucrat to look professional at work. I wanted to provide you with some styling tips on looking chic and elegant in while at the office. 

Top Work Fashion Essentials 

1. Solid Colored Pencil Skirt. Solid colored pencil skirts will go a long way for your work wardrobe. You can wear it countless of times with a colored blazer or a patterned blouse. Below, I am wearing a solid colored white pencil skirt. 

2. Fitted Blazer. The secret to finding a perfect blazer is to know your measurements, do not pick any off the rack. Ask the sales associate to measure you, and then pick one according to your proportions or even have it altered. This way, that fitted blazer will go a long way in your everyday work wardrobe. Another styling tip, steer clear from wearing collared shits beneath the blazers so you do not bulk-up, look like a man, and feel super uncomfortable. 

3. Pencil dress. Victoria Bekcham has been the pioneer of the modern pencil dresses. Although I own a few, I am a huge fan because of the elegant and understated appearance of the cut. Also, I am a fan of any work wardrobe that does not make a woman look like a man. 

4. Black Stiletto Heels. Sure, why not, add a little bit of sexy to your wardrobe! Women do not have to look like a man to produce an excellent work product, be who you are! Do not be afraid to look feminine and beautiful. 

5. Clutch with a thin strap. Just a plain clutch without a strap can be uncomfortable and hard to handle, especially if carrying another bag with a larger load. A small clutch with a thin strap makes you look effortless and under control. Did I mention that a small clutch has the power to downsize the look of any bulky work wardrobe? 

Whatever items you decide to wear to work, my top fashion tip is that you pick out clothes that fit your body type. Here are the exact directions on how to dress for your body type. For instance, if you are an apple shape, do not wear a skin tight pencil dress that lets your stomach rolls show! 

Equally as important as the former paragraph: always choose one size bigger than your actual size. Err on choosing a bigger size than a smaller size. Also, your looks will always look more effortless with looser clothes. Below, you will find an example of how I styled my work wardrobe. Until next time fashionistas, stay cool and chic, xo from New York! 

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