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Top 5 Winter Fashion Items Under $100

By Brittany Dobbins

I’m sure many women struggle with buying fashion items on a budget, especially if you are a fashion blogger or designer. Nothing comes cheap. Well, I’m here to help you! I put together some of the top 5 winter fashion items just under $100...

Whether it’s Topshop, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21 or NY & Company, they have many affordable pieces for you to buy! You don’t always have to purchase the flashiest and the most expensive item in the store to look fabulous; rather, you want to find trendy items that fit your figure well. We can start with:

The top 5 fall/winter items under $100:

1. SASSY platform shoes from Top shop

These babies are only £95.00 and if you got them from another store for instance: Marc Jacobs they would obviously be much more expensive! They go with absolutely anything. I would definitely wear them out on the town with my friends or a date with a significant other, maybe even a casual walk to the market. With shoes like these you’ll be the talk of the town. Platform shoes have been quite the little trend in Hollywood recently, with celebs such as; Angela Simmons, Amber Rose, Beyonce and Hailey Baldwin wearing them. 

I really love platform shoes because they are totally different from any type of shoe. I like the “SASS” aspect to it as well. It gives platform shoes a whole different meaning. Normally you wouldn’t think platform shoes to be “sassy” but it works for me! Go out and buy a pair of “SASSY platform shoes from Topshop!

2. American Eagle Outfitters plaid Moto jacket $83.97…how great is that? 

The plaid motorcycle jacket is the latest fashion trend that I’m totally obsessed with, and I am sure all you fashionistas out there are too! It sort of has that vintage, rugged look to it, which I really love. It’s every girl’s dream to ride on the back of a motorcycle wearing their plaid Moto jacket! I can see myself wearing it while drinking a couple of beers and kicking back. It is also great for the cold weather as well. It keeps you warm and is very comfortable. Comfortable is always key when wearing this fashion item!

3. Top shop scallop lace Bodycon Dress 

At only $80.00 this chic lace dress is the perfect outfit for fall and winter as well! Celebs like Sandra Bullock & Nicole Scherzinger have been seen wearing look-alike scallop lace dresses as well. You can wear it with black leggings and a pair of over-the-knee boots to match! In winter it is super cold, so I would say wear a chic black fur coat! Such a great combo, ain’t it? You can also wear the dress with some cute pumps or for something more edgy, try combat boots! I wear combat boots with everything (dresses, jeans, skirts, etc) to get that grunge vibe/effect. You can wear it with any shoe you want. But try my combat boot idea!

4.Eva Mendes Collection

The Trina Lace Sheath Dress from NY & Company: Eva Mendes collaborated with NY & Company to create a collection that would showcase her style & amazing designs! I love the lace sheath dress because it’s classy & sophisticated just like Eva!

It is only $79.95, a great price. You don’t want to buy an expensive dress because it does not pay to spend all that money on one piece of clothing. This fashion item is perfect for fall weather, don’t you think? And it fits right under your budget! You can wear it with a chic cardigan and some black booties from DSW or any store you like! The holidays are coming up and this piece would be the PERFECT gift for your girlfriend, friend or family member! So ladies go go out & buy Eva’s collection!

5. PAVA Leather Convertible Crossbody Bag in white

I found this amazing white crossbody bag at Kohl’s for just $87.75. Crossbody bags have become a trend amongst many celebs such as Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Nina Dobrev, Supermodel Karlie Kloss, Rachel Bilson and many more! I think the reason why everyone is in love with the crossbody bag so much is because of the versatility & how chic it is. I love a good crossbody bag myself as well. You can wear it in different colors not just white (violet, ruby red, hot pink, etc). I like the white crossbody bag because it’s simple and not too over-the top compared to other bags. Also “keeping it simple” is definitely important when buying any bag. I don’t like a lot of embellishments on my bags because it takes away that “cool factor”. 

Simple, cool and chic fashion items just under $100, not a bad combo, huh? And, if you want to read more about tips on how to look faboulos for less, click here

Always keep it fashionable while staying under budget!

'Till next time....XOXO!

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