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Beauty Tips: How To Find Your Perfect Hair Color

By Catherine Santino

How To Find Your Best Hair Color

Choosing a hair color can be a daunting task. It’s a big decision, and it’s important to do your research and take your time. Below, you will find inspirational photos and tips to help you find  your perfect hair color!


1) Find a stylist: it’s important to find a stylist that you trust and you’ve had a consultation with so that they know exactly what it is you want. Bring them photos and talk to them about what you’re going for. This way, you’ll feel much more comfortable with taking the plunge. To find out the top 10 fall/winter hairstyles, click here

Salted Caramel Hair Color 

2) Consider your skin tone: depending on your skin tone, some colors may make you hairstyle look washed out or just be too harsh for you. Look up photos of celebrities or models with your skin tone and see what works for them. I’ve always been envious of people who can seem to pull off any hair color (Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone are ones that come to mind), but some of us just aren’t that lucky. Figure out what colors work for you and go from there.

3) Be practical: For a very brief time a few months ago, I was channeling my inner Demi Lovato and decided to dye sections of my hair purple. However, at the time I was also in the process of applying for jobs. I realized that it just didn’t make sense for the kinds of jobs I was searching for, and I would have a much better chance of getting hired if I stuck to more natural colors. This isn’t to say that you can’t dye your hair crazy colors; just make sure it makes sense for the kind of lifestyle you have or want.

4) Try Ombre: If you want to change your hair color but aren’t ready to make a full commitment, try an ombre hairstyle. If you want to go lighter, try just lightening the ends so your hair has a dark to light gradient. It’s a less intense way to try out a new color without committing to it 100%.
Frosted Chestnut Hair 

5) You can always change it: If your new hair color isn’t exactly what you pictured, don’t panic. You can always change it back or have it altered. 

Winter storm hair color 

These are my beauty tips for finding your best hair color. Don’t be afraid to make drastic changes to your hair- it can be a fun way to experiment and try something new. Just make sure to do your research, get a good stylist, and take your time with it.

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