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How to Get the Look: Old Hollywood Glamour

By Elma B.

I have been fascinated with the "golden age of Hollywood" (1927-1963), when Viven Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, and Lauren Bacall reigned the silver screen. The elegance, grace and poise that the style communicated was superb. The cuts and the fabric of the clothes showed that without having to bare everything, a woman could be the apple of any gentleman's eye. Hence, the "dare to bare" motto isn't so interesting after alI; it kills any kind of mystery, so boring. Without further ado here is...

How to incorporate the Old Hollywood Glamour into your everyday wardrobe: 

1. Cover modestly. Old Hollywood has a plethora of examples where the divas are covered modestly, whether it is because of long skirts/dresses or  simple black turtlenecks. 

2. Wear loosely fitted clothes. Make sure that your clothes are always fitted to fit beautifully for your body shape. Wear loosely fitted clothes because your beautiful contours become apparent and are hugged in just the right places without making you uncomfortable. Your silhouette will come to life!

3. Choose an iconic fashion piece. Black turtle necks, floppy hats, or scarves are some timeless essentials. Try tying the scarf around your hair for the ultra chic look. (More on the 10 timeless fashion pieces here.) 

4. Cinched waist. Cinched waists are perfect ways to show off your curves without revealing much at all. You can pick-out a dress and belt it or you can wear high waisted pants with a crop top for a modern look. 

5. Wavy hair. Wavy hair marked the golden age of Hollywood; stick straight hair was not even an option. For a modern look, curl your hair to give it some volume. You can use a big brush for volume when blow drying your hair or use a curlers for more intense curls. Make sure to brush out your curls if using curlers. 

Keep in mind you can mix and match the Old Hollywood glamour styling tips with your modern look. Fashionstas, be smart in the way you dress. It takes no brains to take off your clothes, anyone can do that. The question is can you be different? Until next time, stay strong, xoxo.

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