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Fashion Trends: How to Find Your Perfect Coat

By Brittany Dobbins

Fall has finally come and winter is almost here, which means it’s time to take out the knitwear, scarves, gloves and layer-up for the colder weather. With the varying coats for this season, it can be a bit confusing making it hard to pick out the right one. Personally, I prefer to focus my autumn outerwear wardrobe on the essentials and variety, rather than what’s “in style” right now. Instead of having coats that limit the look you want to put together due to mismatching, try finding a coat that is more versatile and can complement your outfit. Now, let´s see how to wear this timeless fashion trend...

Olivia Palermo style 2014

How to Pick the Perfect Fall Coat:

1. Finding the perfect fit:

Every woman wants to find the perfect coat for fall; the key is to know which size, shape, or design you want to go with. There are tons of fabulous designer coats out there to choose from. Whether it’s Burberry or a high street fashion brand like Zara, there is always a variety. Wear a coat that compliments your outfit and looks good on you as well. A fall coat can be worn to any occasion, (going with the fall theme) traditional apple picking, go with a coat that isn’t too over-the top, keep it simple. Don’t wear too many embellishments either.

Street style: fur fall coat

2. Length matters.

Also, don’t wear a super long coat because you will probably end up falling face flat on the ground. A chic badge trench coat is great for apple picking or even going to a party! You want something effortless; I would go with a trench coat or Mackintosh coat. The mackintosh coat is basically the shorter and more simplified version of the trench coat making it easier to achieve a sophisticated look without going overboard. 

3. The timeless coat.

The trench coat is a timeless fashion piece, sophisticated and traditional. It may not be as versatile as the other coats, since its most often used with suits and such. However, with the right articles of clothing and accessories it can give a sophisticated touch to the look. Keep it stylish but not so boring. You can pair it with a great skinny jean and over-the knee boots. Whatever you feel comfortable in. I love trench coats because they aren’t too long or too short.

4. The coat dress.

The Coat dress is really unique and stylish as well. I’m sure you have seen Kate Middleton wearing them all over. The idea of bringing together two completely different pieces and making it into one outfit is brilliant fashion trend. It will keep you warm and cozy. Also wear a coat dress that has patterns or some cool and funky prints to give it a little something extra. 

A coat should be something every girl or young woman has in their closet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be designer (Zara, Burberry, Bergdorf’s, or Saks). Macy’s and Burlington have really affordable and stylish coats for the fall. The key is all about finding the right size, shape, and fit for you. 

“The beauty of coats is that they are such an easy and inspiring way to build a look…A considered coat can make such a strong statement.” 

A fabulous coat is a fashion trend that never go out of style, it just keeps getting better and better!

'Till next time fashionistas!….Xoxo!

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