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The Little Things

By Amra B. 

It often seems like we focus only on big things, the once in a while exceptional occurrences, and seldom acknowledge the everyday beauty that surrounds us. I have found myself guilty of this very thing; while I am focused on one thing that is missing from my life, I become blind to everything else that is just “perfect.” Below is my list of the little everyday pleasures we enjoy but take for granted: 

1. Smell of the morning coffee

2. Warm breeze on a summer morning 

3. Reading your favorite magazine

4. Clean bed sheets

5. Perfect manicure 

6. Taking baths

7. Waking up and seeing gazillion messages from your friends 

8. Soaps that smell of lavender

9. Clean home

10. Smell of old books

11. The moment I finish my run

12. Movie marathon on a Friday night 

13. Chocolate cake

14. Taking a walk through a park 

15. Facemasks 

16. Drinking warm tea

17. Finding old clothes I love but forgot I had

18. Candles that smell of jasmine 

19. Receiving an unexpected “hello” message from an old friend

20. Favorite comedy show marathon

21. Popcorn

22. Fresh flowers 

23. Figuring out a riddle 

24. Sunday brunch 

25. Laughing until my stomach hurts 

26. Blow dried hair 

27. Crepes with Nutella 

28. Seeing an “A” on my homework or exam

29. Listening to Beetles 

30. Dancing around the house while no one is watching

31. Smell of my favorite perfume

32. Cooking 

33. Hanging a new painting on a wall

34. Petting a dog or a cat

35. Frozen yogurt

36. Two hour conversations on the phone with a friend

37. Reading your favorite blog

What are some of the “little things” you enjoy? 


Outfit: Dress Forever21, blazer Zara, shoes Prada, purse Salvatore Ferragamo, sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana

Breathtaking view from the shoot

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