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The Timeless Fashion Trend: Turbans

By Brittany Dobbins and Paulina Fornovi
Edited by Elma B.

There is this timeless and fabulous fashion trend--the turban that keeps making its way back into the fashion world! I want to give you the full scoop on all things turban--what is it, its history, and style icons wearing turbans. 

What Is a Turban?

A turban is a simple piece of cloth, which is placed around the head or, as in some cases, there is a hat inside. This head piece can be of different shapes, sizes and colors. The cloth is very difficult to wear if it is more than five meters (about 16 ft. 4 in.) long. Thus, for more dramatic and large turbans, it will be a tad bit difficult to style. 

The History of the Turban:

Although the turban, which became a fashion "it" piece for the Hollywood divas in the 1950s, continued to be worn by some very elegant fashionistas throughout the decades, the legendary garment continues to make a come back yet again and again!  The turban has become the perfect choice for all chic occasions. 

The Origin of the Turban:

Ancient Cultures...

Because of the versatility and variety of its use, it is difficult to pin-point the turban's country of origin. With that said, it is important to note that the turban is an accessory that  is part of the traditional clothing worn by many Eastern cultures. The following are some of the most speculated theories regarding the origin and the design of the turban...

Islamic Culture: the turban was  useful to protect  the people in the Middle East from the sand in the desert and was used as a symbol of devoutness. 

Rastafari: for practitioners of this religion, a turban became a symbol of wisdom and a way to cover long hair, which was a sign of long life experience. Also, the Rastafarians believe that turban should be worn when meditating. 

Indian-Hindu Culture: the turban is used to indicate the socioeconomic status of a person. There are a variety of textiles for turbans; fabrics range from the most exclusive materials to plain towels that farmers wear.

Turban in the 1960s...

The turban reached its  peak during the 1960s, which was a decade where major Hollywood stars wore them on the red carpet and even used turbans while filming movies or television series. 

Old Hollywood Screen Legend: Sofia Loren in Turbans 

The Turban Today...

Less than five years ago, the turbans made a come back and appeared on the most watched fashion runways. Many non-fashionistas, who had never before dared to wear this piece, were empowered to try the turban.

The turban was very well received by women in the West; consequently, designers presented myriad of ways in which the turban could be worn, e.g., from casual to the office. 

Today, there are many brands that produce the turban and make versatile proposals on how to wear the turban. 

How to Wear a Turban:

You could wear a turban countless ways. I suggest to experiment wearing the turban with many styles, from the office to a night out in the city. Also, there are many prints (e.g., leopard print) to try when wearing a turban. Third, don't forget to wear some funky jewels to give it a little something extra! My main suggestion is to own it when wearing the turban and be comfortable in your own skin. My favorite celebrities who have been spotted wearing turbans are Kourtney Kardashian, Solange Knowles, Eva Mendes (Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend), Rita Ora, Mary Kate Olsen/Ashley Olsen, Kelly Rowland,  and Kate Moss! 

For DIY tips and a full style guide on how to wear the turban, click here

As a fashion blogger, who documents trends, I think the turban is edgy and bold. Fashionistas want to wear something that excites people and is unusual! Some may think that wearing a turban is too exotic but in the fashion industry, boring doesn’t get you anywhere. You have to go outside of the box a little bit.

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