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Quick Workouts for Your Busy Day

By Sarah Baker

Its Time to Make Time:

“I just don’t have time.” This is a common excuse for those who don’t work out. I know that I have used it a time or two. In fact, I think that it’s my current excuse. I have a lot on my plate right now, especially with my maid of honor responsibilities for my friend’s upcoming wedding. I keep saying that I’ll hit the gym more consistently when it’s over. Between working, writing, studying, and planning all the stuff that comes with being MOH, I really don’t have time to commit to a workout plan. Or at least, that’s what I thought. 

30 Second Workouts for Your Day:

After a little bit of research, I found a handful of exercises that give results with hardly any time commitment. In fact, each of these exercises take 30 seconds to complete. That’s right, 30 seconds! Each exercise is done for 30 seconds with a “break” in which you walk in a circle for 30 seconds. You can do all of them at the same time in a circuit or pick and choose what you have time and space for. You should do either 2-3 circuits if that’s the way you chose to do it, or each exercise 5-10 times. 

1. Toe taps-Start in the plank position. Move your left foot to the outside of your left hand. Bring it back to plank position. Repeat on the right side. 

2. Triangle push-ups- Get in push-up position and place your thumbs and forefingers in a triangle shape directly underneath your chest. Proceed to do a push-up. 

3. Push-up reach- Do a regular push-up but when you come up, straighten on of your arms out, hold for 1 second and return to the starting push-up position. Alternate sides. 

4. High/low boat or V-pull- Sit in a V-sit. Pull your knees and arms in and push them out again back into a v-sit. 

5. Skaters- Start with your feet hip width apart. Leap to the right with your right foot and cross you left behind, touching your toes to the ground, like your speed skating. Repeat on the other side. 

6. Tuck jumps- Simple burpees. Start in a plank position and jump both feet into a squat on the mat, then jump back in to a plank position. 

7. Rolling planks- Start in a plank position, but with your forearms on the mat. Shift yourself to the right side of the mat, so that you are sideways with your right arm still on the mat. Slowly come back to the plank position. Repeat on the other side.

Quick Easy Workout Plans:

Here are some other ways to squeeze in a workout when you just don’t have time. 

1. Walk, bike or run to and from work or errands. 

2. Use your lunch break to go to the gym, walk, or do any of the above exercises. 

3. Sit on a stability ball at work or use standing desk. 

4. Keep dumbbells in your desk and do 12-15 reps when you have a free second. 

5. Go on an exercise date or invite friends for a workout hour instead of happy hour. 

6. Do lunges, toe raises, and squat while waiting in line. 

7. Do push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, squats, etc. while watching TV. 

No More Excuses:

You can see that the excuse “I just don’t have time,” isn’t really a viable excuse. There is always time to squeeze in a workout whether it is on a lunch break, waiting in line, watching TV, or doing a quick 30 second workout any time you get the chance. Workouts don’t have to been long, intense, and at the gym. Grabbing a quick workout multiple times a day, most days of the week can be just as effective. So find those few precious minutes of time and create your own personal workout plan today! If I can find the time, you can too!

Real Girls--Fitness Motivation 

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