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How to Get the Festival Season Look--Your COMPLETE Guide

By Elma B.

Many of you have seen coverage of the well-known music festival in California--Coachella. You have seen the cool boho-chic laid back style sported by countless of festival goers. While I am not a huge fan of laying out in the grass, stomping around in mud, and making love not war, I do like the relaxed bohemian look. So, how do you style yourself to get that carefree boho-chic look? Here are 5 styling tips:


1. Head bands. Head bands are your "it" accessory for the festival season. They add a pop of chicness to your outfit and are quick to get you noticed amongst the fashionistas. Some alternatives to had bands are flowers, bandanas and semi-turbans. I opted for golden flowers around my dark locks.  

2. Hairstyle. For the festival season, your hair has to be loose; so, drop the gel and keep in mind that messy hair is your friend. You can create a romantic look with loose locks, braids, and even loose pig tails. The key is to achieve a natural look and steer away from any hairstyle that is too polished, i.e., stay as close as nature as possible. 

3. Crochet. I am a huge fan of crochet (as you have previously read why in my article) because of its soft feel on the skin. For festival season, you can opt for a crochet dress, top or shorts. In my photos, I am wearing black crochet shorts. 

4. Ripped denim. Anything for the free spirit look, which includes ripped denim. Some of your options are short overalls, skirts and shorts. You want your denim to look as vintage as possible. 

5. Crop tops. Yes, crop-tops have made a huge come back this summer. To avoid showing too much skin, I suggest to wear a top, e.g., jean jacket or a kimono, or to wear a high-waisted bottoms. (5 tips on how to pull off a crop-top here.)

6. Flowered patterns. Flowered patterns have carried over form last summer as one of the top trends. Anything flowered patterned goes, e.g., crop tops, dresses or even skirts. The goal is to get you as close to mother nature as possible. 

7. Ripped t-shirts. Ripped t-shirts communicate a sense of carelessness and rock-n-roll. I suggest asking your parents for their vintage t-shirt and cutting them up yourself to get the authentic one of a kind look. Another option is to go to a consignment store and find vintage t-shirts to be original.

8. Tie-dye. Tie-dye puts you in the festival season spirit of letting loose and having a good time. The tie-dye look has been the music festival trend since the 1970s. Your t-shirt does not have to be completely tie-dye but having some tie-dye traces adds a cool touch to your top. 

9. Booties. Booties are the way to go if you do not want your feet to get dirty from the mud or green from the grass. Also, if you are looking for a bit of heel, then booties are your go to shoes for the festival season. The heel is not too overwhelming so you can walk around for hours on end. 

10. Gladiator sandals. My favorites for the festival season are gladiator sandals, and they have been around since ancient Rome. The gladiator sandals can be short (like mine in the photos) so they are not too overwhelming throughout the day. I suggest to watch the type of leather on the gladiator sandals, i.e., make sure the leather is soft so the straps do not cut off your circulation. 

There you have it fashionistas, the top 10 styling tips on how to get the festival season look. Below is my festival season look. Please leave a comment below with any of your festival season styling tips, love hearing from you! Until next time, signing-off from New York City, xoxo. 

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