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When I Lost My Excuses I Found My Results

By Amra B. 

I recently had a revelation; I had finally realized that during one single day I make on average about ten excuses why I should NOT be doing something.  For example, I tell myself that I am overworked to go out in the evening with friends, too tired to go to the gym in the early morning, lacking proper art space and supplies to paint, too busy to organize my closet or cook organic food. These tasks may seem demenial, but it is the accumulation of daily habits (or in my instance lack of) that make the “big picture” in the long run.  

My excuses were damaging my well-being and I decided to change my behavior; I started meeting my friends regardless of how much work I had, going to the gym even when I felt exhausted, and have even bough blocks of paper for sketching. My goal was to block any excuses before they even entered my mind; I started acting on things without much thought and found results. 

I become more connected with my friends (even made some new ones), increased my energy levels, got more toned, and found tranqulity. Through drawing, I released an outpour of creativity that I never knew I had... In short, I become healthier, happier, more productive and focused. 

Many times, we (ourselves) are often the barrier between our existing situation and our goals.  We sabotage our own dreams and aspirations by coming up with million excuses why we can’t or shouldn’t do something. In the end we suffer, trapped by a demobilizing web of our own creation and unable to rise from the “quicksand” of our dissatisfaction.  

Loose your excuses and you will find your results! ☺


Wearing: Bershka denim shirt; Forever21 skirt, YSL booties, Salvatore Ferragamo purse, Zara hat, and Givenchy necklace

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