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Diet and Workout Tips for a Summer Ready Bikini Body

By Nadja Muzur
Edited by Naima Karp

To chisel up your dream summer body before the summer sneaks in, it’s vital to get serious about the food you’re putting into your body, and stay consistent about workouts. It won’t be effective to motivate yourself for a week, reason that it’s enough to hold you over for the next few weeks. Your nutrition and the workouts need to be a diligent habit in your weekly routine in order for both to be effective, so try these tips! 


1. Eat breakfast every day, since it’ll keep you full and start you off with energy. Try to avoid waking up late as an excuse to skip it. 

2. Use healthy snacks to hold you over between meals, such as bananas, trail mix and yogurt, sticking to a light dinner as a final meal. 

3. Stay hydrated! Try to drink up to four eight-ounce glasses a day. You can pick a cheat day out of the week so you don’t go crazy with sensible eating. 

4. Other than that, stick to protein, veggies, fruit and water to maintain your physique. 

Workout Routine

We all get busy during the week, so it’s hard to make time for the gym. It’s easy for all of us to empathize, but that still doesn’t make it an excuse! You can save time by fitting in at home workouts, like I do. My daily routine before I start my day varies day to day. On Mondays and Thursdays, I work out my legs, while on Tuesdays and Fridays, arms and abs are a focus. I allow myself a rest day on Wednesday.

Here is the workout routine I prefer:

A. Jog for about 45 minutes.
B. 50-100 squats.
C. 2 sets of 50 crunches
D. 2 sets of 50 lunges, with a toning ball. Toning balls and weights are a great motivation for working out conveniently in your own home. They can come as cheap as ten bucks at Target!

A fun way to mix-up breaking a sweat is to listen to your favorite club music and dance 'till you can’t anymore! This is often when I burn the most calories. Dancing is a playful and non-boring way to switch it up without taking a class. You get some cardio in, if treadmills aren’t your style, (I know they aren’t mine), put on some fun beats and dance by myself or with friends. Avoid laziness by walking instead of using other modes of transportation. Jog, bike, do a core/leg/arm routine, and keep a healthy diet! Live by the mantra “everything in moderation," and that it’s ok to let loose once a week. Until next time, signing-off from Los Angeles, xoxo. 

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