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Pillow Talk: How to Choose Extra Soft Bedding

By Rachel Burt

Bed: where most of us spend a lot of time, whether sleeping, watching TV or curling-up with a good book. It is an intimate place, where we escape from the outside problems and peacefully relax. So, how do we choose a bedding set that is soft to the touch, warm and cozy? Here I have laid out some tips on choosing styles, fabrics and colors that make you feel fresh, relaxed, and perhaps, be warned, never get out of bed...

1. Down Comforter: Simple, Fresh, & Organic (My Favorite) 

Sleep soundly no matter what the season; do not be scared to splurge on a 100% luxurious down comforter that can fit into a duvet. White is king when it comes to sheets and comforters. The purity of white adds a sense of freshness. If you are not a big fan of white, try pastel shades because these light colors set a tranquil and calming mood. 

2. Lots of Feather Pillows: Adding loads of pillows is simple, adds the soft, comfortable and airy feel. The feeling of jumping into a pile of pure-white fluffy billows after a long day at work and a hot shower... well... nothing beats that.

3. Decorative Pillows: Try plush fabrics like silk or velvet for decorating and adding various shapes and sizes to the pillow set. Match the colors of the decorative pillows with fluffy feather pillows, e.g., light shades of silk and velvet where you can rest your weary head after an exhausting day. 

4. Layer it: Layers, layers, and more layers. Layering from top to bottom creates the look of luxury bedding. 

Some elements to have the luxury bedding feel and look:

· Bed skirt.

· Feather or foam mattress topper.

· Mattress pad.

· Fitted Sheet.

· Top sheet.

· Down Comforter.

· Top sheet/quilt/cover.

· Duvet.

· Feather pillows.

· Decorative pillows.

5. Patterned linens:  Having a few options for seasonal changes is always the key. Cost saving tip: Pick out a couple of different sets of patterned sheets and pillowcases that you can swap for a variety  or use quilts when it is too warm for a duvet.

6. Thread Count: If you really want to feel the extra soft and smooth touch when cuddling or curling-up in your bed, go for a higher thread count. Also, choosing a higher threat count will ensure longevity with your bedding set. Try 300 Egyptian cotton for fitted sheets and a 400 thread count and higher for top sheets; this combination will make you literally feel like you are sleeping in heaven. 

All this pillow talk is making me sleepy...

Now, don’t wake me up...I am already dreaming...


Anne @ Memory Foam Mattress Reviews said...

Oh, that looks fresh and cool, even luxuries. White is so nice with warm couloirs of wood.

Paula said...

More pillows the merrier! Those look just so great I want to have all of these pillows on my bed!!

Jyoti Singh said...

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Jyoti Singh said...

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live said...

I like you blog very much. Now, these pillows are great. My children will love the Animal Applique Bedroom pillows. Thanks for your creative team!!
Jill recently submitted

Nancy said...

That looks great!
Love your blog.

Donald said...

Wow! I've got to try this on my bed right away.


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