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London Vibes

By Amra B. 

I am back in London town, and I am loving every minute in this amazing city (can't believe how much I have missed it). London has a special vibe; it is both hectic and calm, kitschy and sophisticated, and you can find almost anything your heart desires here. Personally, London inspires me to be more daring with my style. It also doesn't hurt that I live in one of the best shopping areas in London (Mayfair), and here you can truly shop your heart out (and if not careful, completely bankrupt yourself LOL). 

My style these days is practical and laid-back. I purchased these boots yesterday (just as I arrived) and have been wearing them ever since. I am also into hats this winter; they amp up any outfit

Wishing you a wonderful day! XOXO :)

Jacket: Alexander Wang
Dress: Elizabeth and James
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Bag: Miu Miu
Hat: Zara
Scarf: Zara

Rings: H&M and vintage

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