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Aspen Girl

By Amra B. 

There is something remarkable about traveling: each time you leave somewhere it changes your perspective of the world. Traveling to Aspen has not only given me new insight into the world, but also into my life. There was a plane crash yesterday at the Aspen airport: a private jet flipped over and caught on fire as it was landing. My first thought was just how distant all these incidents seemed from me, but that in reality they are not far at all. There is not much we can do about unfortunate situations, but we can make sure to utilize the "worry free" moments that we do have. 

What I really learned in Aspen is that we are all just people with our share of difficulties and blessings. We all have challenges, but we are also capable of persisting through struggles and emerging winners. 

Below are some photos from the downtown Aspen. I am wearing many layers as it is freezing here. Also, I am sticking to my flat boots that prevent me from slipping on ice and keep my feet warm. 

Wishing you an amazing week! :)

Outfit* Jacket Forever21, scarf Burberry, jeans Miss Sixty, sweater H&M, sunnies Dolce&Gabbana, boots Zara, earring H&M, gloves vintage 

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