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The Food Truck Frency

By Brittany Rubio 

If you live in or near a city, chances are you have spotted one of these bad boys around town. 

These guys have been exponentially popping up all over the country since 2008 and they are the new hot spot wherever you happen to be situated. Food trucks are the new venue for hip food, offering trendy healthy, gourmet and oftentimes even vegetarian and vegan dishes that everyone is talking about. But what’s the deal anyway? Where did this trend start and why is it going strong? 

Sweet Food Trucks

Don’t Let the Name Fool You 

Ever since the economy began to decline, food trucks have been on the rise. With many starry-eyed entrepreneurs without the means to front for renting property and start-up costs, going mobile has become a go-to solution often yielding rather stellar results. Without the additional costs, more restaurateurs have been able to get their dreams off the ground and on the road. 

Four Seasons Food Truck in Santa Barbara
Even though they have been popping-up more and more over the last six years, I am sure many of you who are new to the scene are pretty wary about these “roach coaches.” The idea of a food truck often makes us think of street corner hot dogs in Times Square or greasy parking lot pretzels before a big game. But food trucks are just like any restaurant, so do not be fooled by their less-than-savory nicknames. There are more high-quality gourmet food trucks than you might think and there are some hidden gems on the streets waiting for you to find them. 

Chances Are They Are All Over Yelp 

Social media has played a huge role in the promotion and proliferation of these roving restaurants, and they are the go-to source for checking out which ones are not only found near you but also worth the visit. Like any other restaurant, the most reputable and respectable establishments will have the ratings and reviews to show for it. Do not be discouraged if a truck has not racked-up a thousand reviews yet but make sure that the reviews it does have are good. Pay attention to what people include in their evaluations, e.g., take not of the service and quality of the food rather than the reviewers’ personal preferences, which may cloud judgment of a place whose food you may end-up loving. 

Bakery Food Truck in California
Sure, food trucks do not have a glamorous past but that image is fast changing. Though synonymous with hipster culture, despite whatever misguided or negative auras the word “hipster” carries along with it, it has helped turn the food truck into a totally hip and acceptable place to grab a quick and delicious bite without a second-glance. Not only that but it has allowed so many wannabe chefs and restaurateurs to live their dreams of bringing unique food to the masses despite the uninviting economy. 

Cupcake Food Truck
So go ahead and do your research, find a reputable and delectable new spot to brag about and bring your friends all while supporting independent and local business owners! You will never feel quite so bad about eating out again.

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