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Cargo and Leather

By Amra B. 

"Life is a marathon."- I am not sure if I came up with this pearl of wisdom on my own or heard it somewhere and was able to retrieve it from my subconsciousness. Either way, I have been preaching this philosophy to my friends recently because I have been witnessing many people burning out. 

Intensive work and dedication can often feel like the right choice, but it can also make us feel worn out, uninterested in our surroundings, and finally depressed. This is why I like to approach life like I do jogging: the point is not to sprint for the first 1 minute and then stop. We are meant to finish the whole race and not waste all of our energy and effort on just a moment. 

I like to pace myself by taking time off everyday and doing what I like: it does not matter if it's just few minutes or an hour (or even an entire day) but taking a small break makes a world of difference in my energy level and my general mood. Today, I took a walk around a park for half an hour and just observed people and nature. Also, I had a massage and my nails done; it made a world of difference in how I felt. 

I wish you an amazing weekend! :)

Outfit*** Shirt Zara, t-shirt Intermix, pants H&M, purse Salvatore Ferragamo, shoes Hogan, hat Mango

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