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Style Chat with One of Miami's "It" Girls: Annie Vazquez

By Lizbeth Perez

The Seductiveness of a Beachfront City

Miami is both a metropolitan hub and a beach city combined into one. It is a place where models and tourists roam free in bikinis (or little clothing) while the rest of the country has to resort to sweaters and boots. 

Thus, for many people, fashion is not exactly what comes to mind for a city that rarely sees the weather dip lower than the mid 60F...for a cold front. However, Miami is the exception; fashion and trends are very much a part of its appeal and culture. 

This beachfront city is a magical place, where people come to get away from the chilly fall and winter weather, and which they come to see and be seen. Miami is a melting pot of cultures. Its inhabitants enjoy a perpetual summer. The sunshine and the warm weather adds to its allure…

Miami’s Ultrachic Girls

Annie Vazquez: One of Miami's
 Most Closely Followed Fashionistas 
Enter Miami’s “it” girls. These are the girls that dine with renowned fashion designers, receive freebies like jewelry and beauty products, attend fashion shows in Miami and New York City. The “it” girls are not only some of Miami’s most notable socialites but also the girls who other fashionistas (in Miami and South America) look-up to for style inspiration.

But with all that said, who exactly are some of Miami's most notable fashionistas and what makes them tick or shop? This week, we try to answer these questions by giving you a glimpse into one of Miami's very own fashionistas, Annie Vasquez. Ms. Annie is Cuban-American with a very fresh and inspiring style. Here is what she had to say: 

Annie Vazques in Her Element: Art, Food and Fashion! 

CF: Describe yourself in three words? 

Annie: Entrepreneurial, optimistic and stylish.

CF: How did you get started with your blog?

Annie: I got started 2 1/2 years ago when local fashion stories about designers, boutiques and events weren't being bought from Miami-based publications. The recession had hit, and it was when journalism began to really change...

CF: What are some of the perks of writing a fashion blog? 

Annie: The biggest perk of all is that I now do it full-time, and I love it because I get to be creative and work with some of the most amazing companies and most talented people out there. I am my own boss and there's nothing like it!

CF: In your own words, describe Miami’s street style. 

Annie: It's mish-mash of hipster cool, of body con stiletto clacking sexiness and beachy boho all unified by 90 degree weather.

CF: How has your taste in fashion changed over time? 

Annie: I tend to gravitate towards boho 60s threads always and hats. I love hats, but I've been experimenting a lot these days with classic staples.

CF: Do you have a style icon? 

Annie: I mean I love Diane Von Frusetenberg and everything she stands for and I love that she is this powerhouse with an ever-growing fan base of women of really all ages. I also look up to Diane Vreeland. I'm drawn to women that know style and are able to make a business out of it not just look pretty or cool anyone can do that. 

Me (left) with Diane von Frustenberg (center)
CF: Do you have a favorite outfit that you have posted on your blog? 

Annie: Every outfit I've put on the blog I am connected to. I just don't thrown on an outfit and say photograph me. They all are part of a thematic idea that I took time to cultivate. A lot of them are me exploring myself and how I feel so I don't have favorites. 

CF: Your wardrobe is going up in flames…and you can only save one thing, what is it? 

Annie: My great godmother's 1950s coat. I love that coat and her. She was all about women's empowerment. 

CF: What are the five must haves for any wardrobe this season? 

Annie: 1.Faux-fur coat; 2. candy colored coat; 3. leather (or pleather) anything; 4. something in plaid; and 5. killer boots.

CF: What, in your opinion, is the outfit for any occasion? 

Annie: I suppose most people rely on the LBD. 

CF: When you first enter a store, what do you immediately scan for? What draws you? 

Anything that is different. 

CF: Any advice for girls when shopping under a budget? 

Annie: Shop everywhere and thrift, you'd be surprise the treasures you find there. 

Annie, we would like to thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. We look forward to keeping up with your adventures in Miami through your blog, and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Have a positive and fabulous day! 

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