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NEW Fashion Trend: FOLK STYLE Fabulous

By Elma B.

There is a new fashion trend alert: folk style! Fabulous, fresh and fun are three adjectives that every fashionista (or image conscious girl) wants to hear and all three are incapsulated in folk style. Below you will see my complete folk style look. 

Folk style is one option but how to achieve the glam., trendy and fabulous look while out on a casual stroll? Well, I have 10 style tips for you! 


1. Show Skin Modestly: Showing too much skin during day (or night) is never a good idea. Mystery is always interesting. Take your pick from low cut tops/dresses to short skirts/dresses. 

2. Accessorize: Adding colorful accessories, e.g., necklaces, bracelets or scarves, will add a fashionista touch to any outfit. Make your look interesting by adding a vintage accessory, e.g., bag, jewelry or scarves.  

Accessories: Prada bag, Giorgio Armani sunglasses,
and Forever 21 Bracelet
Vintage Necklace
3. Sunglasses: Fun sunglasses can make any outfit stand-out. Sunglasses (or even glasses) add personality to your outfit; they can simply state: I am different, I am glamours or I am hip.
Giorgio Armani Sunglasses
4. Vests: Faux-fur vests are one of my favorites during the winter. Styling tip: Wear a faux-fur vest over a leather jacket, which adds a double edge to your outfit. Another option are fringe vests, very cowboy-like. PLEASE do not buy or wear fur since this states I support and promote animal torture. See my article on "Say NO to FUR" fashionistas.

5. Booties: Short boots, a.k.a., "booties," have been the hype in the fashion world for a long time. You can pair booties with a dress or jeans/tights, and look fab.

6. Layering: Wearing layers will make any outfit shine. Styling tip: Make sure that the texture of the layered clothes fits with one another, i.e., light texture with light texture or heavy texture with light texture. For example, cotton t-shirt over cotton-tshirt or faux-fur over silk goes well together but wool sweater over wool sweater does not look good and feels even worse! 

7. Loose Clothing: Make sure that at least part of your outfit is loose, e.g., loose top or loose bottoms. There is nothing less attractive or worse looking than ill fitted clothes. Even if you are really thin, wearing clothes that are too small will not flatter you. Similarly, if you are curvy, a loose article of clothing will make you look leaner; stay away from skinny pants or tights if you are on the heavy side. Styling tip: for mid-sized and skinny fashionistas, wear stretch pants/tights that will hug your curves and contours just right. 

8. Matching Colors: Be different. Match unexpected colors, e.g., burgundy with camel color or pink and gray. Before choosing your outfit, think of a typical color combinations. Do not worry, your eye can spot great color combinations!

9. Know Your Body Shape: Are you an apple shape, pear shaped or hour glass shape? Find out from my previous article on body shapes.  

10. Plan 5 Minutes Ahead: Before putting on your clothes, lay your outfit out, e.g., on the floor or on your bed. It will help you visually and eliminate the need to change thousands of times before finding the perfectly matched look. 

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