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BEST Boots for This Season (Part 2- High Heel and Party Boots)

By Amra B. 

In my previous post (BEST Boots for This Season, Part 1- Flat and Medium Heel), I talk about the best flat and medium heel office boots. However, my real "boot passion" lies in the high heel and party boots. OK, so you may not get a lot of wear out of these, but they are just so "OMG..."

3. High Heel Weekend Boots: I reserve these boots for glam coffee meetings in Harrods, Selfridges, SaksFifthAve, or afternoon/evening cocktails. These shoes are not the most comfortable, but I love how amazing they look during the day! However, I wear them on days I know I will not be doing much walking...

My high heel black slouchy boots (Rachel Zoe)

All about fringe: Me wearing Biran Atwood Fringe high heel boots
My Viktor and Rolf boots are great for cocktails 
These seventies style boots from Forever21 were a steal and look amazing with wide legged or skinny pants 

My dream high heel boots pick for this season 

Affordable high heel boots pick for this season 

4. Going Out Party Boots: These are the shoes I have reserved exclusively for great parties. I wear them if I am going out in the evening and I want to look amazing. Word of caution : Make sure you always have a seat nearby…☺

My Christian Louboutin Cousinetta Booties 
My dream party boots 

Mary Kate in Balenciaga boots

Kim Kardashian in Christian Louboutin boots 

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