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Fall/Winter 2013 Hairstyles: Part I

By Elma B.

New season, new look! Many of you are wondering what are the "in" hairstyles for Fall/Winter are our top 5 selections:

1. Low pony tails: part your hair in the middle or to the side, leave out some front pieces and tuck behind the ears the rest to emphasize the hairstyle's ease. Rachel Zoe, Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta used this hairstyle while showcasing their collections. This look is great for during the day. If you want a more polished and girly look, make the pony tail bouncy. 

2.  Side Faux Bangs: This allows you to make an illusion of having bangs without the commitment of having to deal with hair on your forehead 24/7. 

3. Volume with Curls: Curl you hair, back brush the curls with a bristle brush and hair spray with a light-hold hairspray to get rid of the frizz and hold the curls in place.

Jennifer Lopez

Lady Gaga

4. Subtle waves: Blow dry your hair and then gently twist sections with your fingers. Use a light-hold hairspray as a finish. This is an effortless look. 

5. Silky straight hair: I would suggest to try side sweeping your part to give a different look rather than just parting your hair in the middle. 

Silky straight hair as seen on Mila Kunis 

Silky straight hair with bangs on Taylor Swift  

I hope you enjoyed the trending hairstyles for Fall 2013...until next time...xoxo!

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