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What You Do Not Know About St. Tropez...

By Elma B.

I want to let you in on a little secret: outside of the glitz and glamour, there is a part of St. Tropez that is completely casual and "normal." In the east part of St. Tropez, you will see the residents of St. Tropez casually strolling through as they get on with their day by buying fresh vegetables and fruits from the market or the crispy baguette from the local bakeries. Also, in the east part of St. Tropez, you will find casual tourists with families, including small children, who drive from a nearby village to spend a day in St. Tropez. 

The Quaint East Part of St. Tropez
In east St. Tropez, there is a small beach and charming yellow buildings with blue shutters. The buildings are remnants of what St. Tropez used to be: a small fisher's village that was a heaven for artists and poets. Also, by relaxing in the east part of St. Tropez, one can escape from all the noise and enter into a serene space. If the show-off and party scene do not fit your personality, I would highly advise you to make at least a day trip to see St. Tropez and experience its authentic charm. Below, you will find some of my personal photos of the old part of St. Tropez. Until next time...XOXO. 

Panorama View of St. Tropez
Architecture of the Old Part of St. Tropez
Gorgeous Bushes with Orange Flowers
In the west part of St. Tropez,
where most of the shops are located 

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