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What to Pack for a Vacation: Top 10 Essentials

By Amra B. 

I travel a lot, and by now I have mastered the art of packing, i.e. bring the basics. In another words, I bring only those pieces that I will use and leave the "experimental" pieces at home. To spice up the basic pieces, I really like to go crazy with the accessories when I travel. I use statement jewelry to make any outfit look extra glamorous! 

Me in Monaco

Me in Costa Rica 

Checklist: My travel essentials for Summer

1. Bathing suit: I bring about seven or more bikinis, depending on how long I am planning on staying at the beach. I like to have an option of always having clean bikinis and that is why I bring perhaps more than necessary. 

I mix and match bikinis for more style options on the beach 

Black bikinis are  flattering and easy to combine with other pieces 

My black bikini with multi colored crystals 

2. Maxi dress: I find that the long maxi dress is the easiest thing to wear in the summer, and it looks great on everyone! Also, I can make my maxi dress work during the evening by adding wedge heels and extra jewelry.

I love maxi dresses with a low cut back because they allow me to show off my golden tan

3. Shorts: I wear shorts to the beach, in the city, and out in the evening. If you are not a fan of the super short kind, the longer and slouchier ones can look amazing as well!

Wearing pink shorts (jumpsuit) with a bikini for a stroll around the city (before going to the beach)

4. Easy Tank tops: I always have two loose and two tight tank tops. I like to wear the loose ones during the day to the beach. The more fitted tank tops look great with high waisted shorts or skirts.

5. Flip flops: I have already shared my love for basic black flip flops, and I will say it again-- basic flip flops can be worn anywhere! They are great for the beach, for walking around the city, and even in the evening for a casual dinner/barbecue.

6. Wedge sandals: I always bring an amazing wedge heel that I wear in the evening or during the day if I want to look a little bit more polished. I love comfortable wedges that allow me to walk or dance without my feet hurting.

7. Cocktail dress: I always have a perfect cocktails dress in my suitcase for a night around the town. I love color in the summer so many of my cocktail dresses are red, blue, and orange.

Little black dress is always a great choice and easy to combine with other pieces 

8. Hat: You may have noticed that on almost all of my vacation photos, I am wearing a hat. I love how a hat can make any outfit look glamorous/interesting. I like straw hats for the summer.

I love large hats for the beach 
With a straw hat on the beaches of Costa Rica 

9. Makeup: In my travel makeup bag, you can find a bronzer, concealer, two lipsticks (red and pink), mascara, an eyeliner, and a perfume.

Me wearing Kiko Lipstick in No 84

Me wearing Kiko Lipstick in No 92

My favorite summer scent for summer by Hermes 

10. Purse:  I like to bring one large bag (to carry during the day), and one small bag/clutch for the evening. 

I combine my large black purse with black sandals, flip flops or booties 

Small purses with a strap are easy to wear when sightseeing 

Small nude purse is perfect for the day 

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