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Top Attractions in Monaco for a Day Trip

By Elma B.

We have been to Monaco several times; we do our best to make a stop there while vacationing in the French Riviera. Monaco is a two hour drive from St. Tropez and less than an hour drive from Cannes and Nice. 

Monaco gained the spotlight after Grace Kelly left Hollywood and wed Prince Rainer III of Monaco. The old Hollywood glamour followed along with Princess Grace Kelly, and Monaco soon afterwards became synonymous with luxury. If you visit the area, here are my 10 RECOMMENDATIONS IN MONACO:


If you like to people watch, this is the place for you! There is plenty of tourists walked around and taking photos of the many luxury cars parked in the casino square. Travel tip: the Casino Square is very picturesque; thus, it is ideal for taking photos. Moreover, do not drive into the Casino Square unless you like to be stuck in traffic with loads of drivers who are very impatient. Take a look at my photos below of the Casino Square. 

Note* Outfit: Hat Accessorize; sunnies Dolce&Gabbana; dress: Arden B; shoes: Tory Burch; purse: Miu Miu; jewelry: vintage turquoise necklace from Greece; earrings Swarovski.  


I saw some of the most gorgeous-luxury boats and yachts at the Monte Carlo Harbor! There was a fairly impressive yacht with a helicopter on its top. The Harbor is filled with sunshine, and is another amazing spot to take plenty of photos. Travel tip: avoid the Harbor in the afternoon because the heat makes it fairly unbearable and there was very little sea breeze. We went inside the Fairmont Monte Carlo resort to cool off and have lunch. The view from inside the hotel was breathtaking; its entire restaurant was built on cliffs and overlooks the deep blue Mediterranean. Travel tip: except that your price tab in Fairmont will double from that in New York City or London. 

Sport Activities in Monaco
Fairmont Monte Carlo

Snacks in Fairmont Monte Carlo 
Delicious Lunch in Fairmont Monte Carlo
Princess Grace Kelly: Symbol of Monaco

The Opera de Monte Carlo is located just next to the casino. The building is very impressive and a great opportunity to take numerous photos. Travel tip: if you have the chance, purchase opera tickets to attend a spectacular performance. You will have a taste of the Monaco society; the interior is marvelous! 

Exterior of the Opera de Monte Carlo

Below you will find more of my photos in Monaco. I hope you enjoyed Monaco with me! Until next time...xoxo! 

A promenade right behind the Casino that leads to the coast 

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