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Top Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

By Elma B.

Hairstyles for Mid Length Hair

Dear ladies,

Most of us do not have terribly long hair or short cuts. Recently, I discovered just how hard it was to find hairstyles for mid-length hair. 


As I previously wrote, when picking out the right hairstyle for yourself, you have to keep in mind your face shape. The ideal face shape is oval. My face shape is called inverted triangle (see the chart below). Hence, to achieve the illusion of having an oval face shape, many of the hair cuts below work. 

1. The 60s Haircut: The pattern amongst these hair cuts is a pouffy top, i.e. a sort of a beehive, and fringe bangs.

Brigitte Bardot 

Rachel McAdams: 60s Hair
2. The Bob Cut: In another words, bangs, which can be side swept, and longer hair in the front than the back. For this hairstyle, make sure you have a trim done often to maintain the shape. Bangs are optional. If you opt for bangs, the bangs can be a lot shorter than bangs for a fringe. Tip: for a bob cut, you do not have to keep your hair straight at all times, you can add large curls to give more volume to your hair.

Loose Curls on a Mid-Length Bob Cut

Hope you enjoyed these beauty tips! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! Until next time...xoxo!

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