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Introducing Germán Ruiz--a Colombian Photographer!

By Jessica Schmick 

Germán Ruiz is a Colombian photographer whose skills were developed with renowned instructors from Germany, UK, USA and Canada. He is based in Bogota, Colombia. 

He is currently is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) in the U.S., and his professional equipment is at the forefront when it comes to photography; he uses excellent post-production techniques and has very advanced technology expertise, which he acquired when he was a systems engineer.

Ruiz, as a photographer, is a very creative person; he has a unique style that is different because he understands the beauty he captures behind his lens. Ruiz is known for his sophisticated images and giving special attention to details. He works with edgy software technology and hardware with which he attains impeccable finishes of his photographs. For more of his projects, visit his personal website or follow him on Facebook

Carnival Shoot in Colombia 
Behind the Scenes 

Behind the Scenes 
Beaches in Colombia 
Local Church in Colombia 

Nature in Colombia 

Beaches in Colombia 

Nature in Colombia 

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