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Celebrity Vacation Spots

By Amra B. 

What are some of the favorite vacation spots for celebrities? St Barts, Hamptons, Monaco, and Miami are only a few of the vacation spots celebrities prefer. Below is a list (and photos) of some of celebrity vacation spots. Visiting these destinations might just allow you to see your favorite celebrity this summer. 

p.s. Click on the images and "Read More" below to get a full view of these beautiful vacation spots.


Capri, Italy

Celebrities in Capri, Italy: Eva Mendes, Gerard Butler 

Necker Island 

Celebrities in Necker Island: Beyonce, Jay Z, Richard Branson

Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Celebrities in Porto Cervo, Sardinia: Beyonce, Jay Z, Flavio Briatore, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Rihanna

Bora Bora 

Celebrities in Bora Bora: Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr

St. Barts, French West Indies

Celebrities in St Barts: Jessica Alba, Denzel Washington 

Maui, Hawaii

Celebrities in Maui, Hawaii: Megan Fox, Vanessa Hudgens

St Tropez, France 

Celebrities in St Tropez: Kate Moss, Karl Lagerfeld 

Ibiza, Spain 

Celebrities in Ibiza, Spain: Leonardo DiCaprio, Penelope Cruz

Celebrities in Monaco: Eva Longoria, Naomi Campbell 

Mykonos, Greece

Celebrities in Mykonos, Greece: Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, Sofia Vergara

Miami, Florida 

Celebrities in Miami, Florida: Adriana Lima, Christiano Ronaldo 
Marbella, Spain 

Celebrities in Marbella, Spain: Michelle Obama, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith
Los Cabos, Mexico

Celebrities in Los Cabos, Mexico: Bar Rafaeli, Jennifer Aniston 

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