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Summer Hair

By Amra B. 

My ideal summer hair style is the surfer girl look. I have been coloring my hair for a long time to achieve this "sun induced highlights" style. Additionally, this look is super low maintenance: it works best when the hair is air dried. Below are some of my favorite surfer girl styles. In order to achieve this look, I would suggest to bring photos to your hairstylist and show them what type of highlights you want. Bonus: this style does not require repeated coloring and the roots showing only enhance the look. 

Surfer Girl Hair- Nikki Beach, St Tropez 

How I achieved my "surfer girl look": 

In summer, I let my hair air dry. If your hair is frizzy, I suggest adding some glossing/moisturizing treatment. While my hair is still wet, I add some Aragan oil.  If you need more texture, you can add some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray right after your towel-dry your hair. 

Please note, this look can also work amazingly well on brunettes and dark hair girls!  

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