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By Amra B .

I have not written in a while, and I wanted to make this post rather a special one. Most of the posts that I have done in the past aim to inspire others to live a healthier and a happier life. A large part of happiness and leading a healthy lifestyle in general, however, is based on how we feel inside, and NOT  on how much we exercise or what we wear. 

I wanted to share some thoughts on happiness and sadness. Overall, I would like to say that a path to a happier and a healthier life starts by acknowledging our emotions and sharing them with other people. 

There are so many of us in this world yet sometimes we feel so disconnected from each other. Although it seems that our "friend" list on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media is growing longer by the minute, we tend to be isolated. 

I gather that often we don't really share the intimate parts of ourselves with our "online" and "real life" friends. Rather, our social media and real life is based on superficial images (i.e., moments we captured on camera), which seldom give away the real picture.

The way we dress, what we eat, where we travel, and the parties we attend are generally a VERY small part of our life and hardly give insight into the welfare of our soul/mind. We tend NOT to share our sadness, disappointments, or heartbreak. The end result is that we don't really know each other well at all… 

My dear fashionistas, I wanted to encourage you to share your feelings with others around you. What you may find is that you are NOT alone: many people will let you know that they have probably felt/feel the same way as you. 

We are all emotional beings, and this world can be a complicated place. We should not cover our emotions with a fake smile since the "suck it up" advice is not always the answer. Talking about our thoughts can help us build a stronger character/inner self. Healthier and happier life is the one where both the mind/soul and the body are in harmony. 

I wish you all an amazingly happy and productive week! Xoxo!

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