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By Elma B.

Often we are stuck in the everyday grind and neglect to take a moment to find inspiration. Inspiration is important to trigger our inner drive and give us wings so to speak. 

While walking this weekend from Knightsbridge to Hyde Park in London, I stumbled upon this beautiful garden.  Since it is spring here in London, the flowers were in full bloom. The purple, pink and yellow colors were very vibrant.  From the outside gates, it looked like someone's secret garden with statues, wooden benches, and a myriad of gorgeous flowers.  After seeing the serenity and the beauty of this garden,  I felt inspired. 

Inspiration is not only important for artists or others in professions requiring creativity, it is important for everyone. Often people are inspired by the thought of huge events in their life, e.g., births, weddings, and graduations, but we often fail to realize that inspiration is all around us and that we can be inspired by what is immediately within our reach.  Please see my personal photos of the serene garden; I hope the photos will inspire you as this gorgeous spring haven inspired me. 

Inspiration: Secret Garden
Inspiration: Flowers

Inspiration: Blossoming Flowers


Inspiration Blossoming Flowers 

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