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Hyde Park

By Merima Ramadanovic

While working as a model and living in London, I became infatuated with Hyde Park: its enormous size, bright green carpet-like grass, and its peacefulness away from London's busy streets. Also, I could not help but to notice how picturesque everything in the park was: from its fountains in the Roman gardens to its emerald and white lawn chairs. 

Below, you will find several photos that I took in Hyde Park while I was living in London. My outfits for all of the photos were casual: jean jackets coupled with a sleeveless dress and booties with fringes; leather jacket with jeans, unicolor green shirt, and colorful tennis shoes; or a very colorful shirt, jeans, black ballet flats and a thin brown belt. I adore simplicity for my style; for a bit of drama, I wear red or bright orange lipstick and black eyeliner to create cat eyes.

Thus, next time you are in London, put on your casually stylish outfit, stroll around Hyde Park and make sure you capture its beauty. Xoxo., -Meri

Me in Hyde Park
Hyde Park with Friends

Roman Gardens in Hyde Park 

Roman Gardens in Hyde Park
Climbing Trees in Hyde Park

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