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Fashion Film MCA, Bogota

Have you ever seen a fashion film? I just acted in one in that mimicked the Hollywood film Hangover, and the difference? The main characters were professional models in custom fitted lingerie.  

Model Astrid Ramirez
The fashion film director, Ivan Mosquera, explains how the idea came about:

“This fashion film was borne more like a personal infatuation with girls in sexy underwear and just being sexy. At first, all we wanted to do was to have a couple of models who were comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality dancing in front of our camera wearing different sexy outfits in order to make a musical montage with a very cool song. After a while, the little fixation started to grow and became more of a project for my partner and me, so he started to build a more commercial concept out of it and started to get people involved. Then along came our fashion designer, so we started to shape more of a story out of it. We started looking for girls that wanted to participate on our little Fashion Film then they became characters, and so forth. By the end of the pre-production there were more than 20 professionals involved in this little infatuation of ours and the rest is history.”

Director Ivan Mosquera
Acting in the fashion film has been one of the best experiences I have ever had; I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to model and act in it. The whole team, including the director, the sound crew, and the models, was so professional and talented. I really enjoyed working with them.

Me with the crew
We were modeling lingerie, and I absolutely loved what I was wearing. The lingerie was really classy; each piece was custom made for every model individually. There were four models, and we all had a specific personality. 

The whole set takes place in a hotel; at first, the director shot us as we were getting ready for a party and afterwards the director captured the after-party effects.

Unfortunately, I can’t say too much about the film until the debut of the trailer, which should be sometime in June. I seriously can’t wait to show you guys! Stay tuned for more! Xo. 

Models Debb Baun and Ingrith Bello

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