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Sunglasses Spring Summer 2013

By Elma B.

As the summer is fast approaching (yes, it is already the month of May), you may have wondered what are the trends for sunglasses for the Spring and Summer 2013? After a bit of search, I found some of these amazing sunnies. Not all of them the latest trends from the Spring and Summer 2013 but quite a few pairs of sunnies are from this season. 

The reoccurring trend seems to be the mirrored sunglasses, i.e. the ones that completely reflect your surroundings and through which another person cannot see your eyes. Another trend for the spring and summer seems to be cat eye shaped sunglasses, designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace have embraced the trend. For inspirational ideas, see the photos below. Which types of sunglasses are your favorite? 

Mini fashionista sporting sunglasses <3
Sunglasses Spring Summer 2013 Trends

Tortoise Shell Robert Geller Spring Summer 2013 Sunglasses
Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2013 Sunglasses
 (with Monica Bellucci)

Mirror Sunglasses 

Spring Summer 2013 Sunglasses by Chanel 

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses for Spring and Summer 2013
Beyonce in Havana Spring 2013 wearing her sunnies 

Karen Walker Sunglasses Spring and Summer 2013

Luis Vuitton Sunglasses Spring Summer 2013
DKNY Sunglasses Spring Summer 2013

Cutie Alert: Mini Fashionista <3
Versace Sunglasses Spring Summer 2013
Cat Eye Sunglasses 

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