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Polka Dots

By Elma B.

What is a timeless print that remains in season for spring and summer? Indeed: polka dots! In the 1950s and 1960s polka dots occupied dresses, skirts and blouses; they were considered and remain feminine. The craze seems to have continued to this day with polka dots; in fact, polka dot fabric can be seen on furniture, table settings, fashion pieces, accessories, including shoes and handbags, bathing suits and even manicures and pedicures. 

Polka dots are one of my favorite patterns as they are fun, feminine, and simple. Also, the pattern is easy going and classic; I can wear polka dots on casual or glamorous occasions.  Here are some photos to inspire you and give you ideas on the many ways you can wear polka dot patterns. What is your favorite piece you own that has polka dots? Xo.

Me: Cotton Dress and Platforms in Polka Dots
(in the Midwest)
Polka Dots in the 1960s
Polka Dots on the Beach
Jessica Alba in Polka Dots
Manicure with Polka Dots 

Glamorous in Polka Dots
Barbie in Polka Dots
Frieda Pinto in Polka Dots 
Chic in Polka Dots 

Kate Bosworth in Polka Dots

Cotton Dress with Polka Dots 
Me: Casual in Polka Dots and a White T-Shirt
(at Georgetown in Washington, D.C.)

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