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Timeless Fashion: The Trench Coat

By Amra B.

I am a huge fan of everything that is practical and chic. I am a huge supporter of not buying anything that you cannot wear, well, all the time!

Weather or not you can afford to purchase multiple items of the same color, there are some pieces that are timeless and go well with everything! I travel a lot, and I am always searching for things that can reduce my bag size. So, naturally, I am a huge fan of the trench coat: it goes amazingly well with my entire wardrobe! 

Vintage Trench Coats
The trench coat is perfect for the school, office, party, and even a weekend out in the country. It is especially amazing for spring because it is not heavy and gives us some protection from the wind, rain, and other weather elements. 

Below are some amazing trench designs that I absolutely adore! Xoxo.

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