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Michael Jackson Thriller

By Elma B.

We fell in love with Michael Jackson when singing for Jackson 5 as the youngest brother. As he grew-up Michael Jackson became a megastar. One of his most memorable songs that left an everlasting impression on pop-culture was "Thriller," the song was a part of the album called "Thriller" as well. In fact, "Thriller" was the biggest-selling album ever; the album won a Grammy a year after it was released. 

What captured our attention was the Thriller video, where Michael Jackson turns into a zombie and performs the infamous zombie dance along with a group of other zombies in the dodgy, dark and foggy city streets. He spooks his date by his sudden transformation, which occurs on the full moon. One of the other iconic pieces from the video was Michael Jackson's red jacket with silver thick zippers and small silver spikes. See the video itself and illustrative photos below. 

Michael Jackson with his co-star in the Thriller music video
Michael's Jackson daughter Paris wearing his jacket from the Thriller video

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