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London Street Fashion (Lazy Sunday)

By Amra B. 

My outfit over the last weekend consisted of comfortable and warm clothes. I suppose it was also adjusted to my mood: I went out the night before and was aiming for a relaxed day to try and recoup from the evening before. I opted for ankle boots with a small heel, a tuxedo type jacket (a recent purchase from Alexander Wang that I absolutely adore), gray sweater, and black tights (I own like a million and wear them everywhere from the gym to a business meeting). I find myself wearing glitter in London with everything. I suppose it counteracts the bad weather and elevates my mood (have some on my nail polish right now). A hat is always a MUST in London as it shields your hair from the rain/humidity, and this one is one of my favorites this winter! How was your weekend Fashionistas? XOXO

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