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Gisele Bundchen Ipanema

By Elma B.

In the late 1990s, Gisele Bundchen was a part of first group of Brazilian models, who achieved international fame. After working as a Victoria's Secret Angel for nearly seven years and gracing the covers of major magazines worldwide, Bundchen since 2004 has been the highest-paid model in the world. She has an estimated $250 million fortune as of 2007. 

In 2001, Bundchen founded her own line of flip-flop sandals called Ipanema. After only three years, sales reached $30 million. Bundchen decided for a portion of the proceeds to be donated to eco friendly causes. In 2010, Ipanema made around $238 and sold over 250 million pairs of sandals. The flip-flop like sandals are flat and seem comfortable. Gisele has been spotted wearing them several times (see the photos below). What do you think fashionistas of the gorgeous and business savvy supermodel? Do you like her sandals?

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