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Time for Change

By Amra B. 

In the light of many changes that have taken place in my life, I am writing this post to say “out with the OLD and IN with the new.” My philosophy is simple “if something doesn’t seem to be working, CHANGE it!” Many will say: “It is just too complicated.” But why should it be???

Life is not about making complications and picking our brain to try to figure out why we don’t like particular flavor of ice cream, shoes, perfumes, people, cities, jobs, etc. It is about focusing on the things we do like and celebrating those incredibly beautiful things that surround us and make us HAPPY.

I say, today, go out and try something new: Talk to a perfect stranger; pick a flavor of ice cream you have never tried before; buy a new perfume; visit parts of the city that you haven’t explored; or order an exotic drink. Be brave and be BOLD, and life just might surprise you! 

My "new" for this week: brown-large Miu Miu bag. It is perfect for the fall and has so many compartments to organize your essentials. I will never search for my cell phone and lipstick again!  

Wishing you a wonderful day Fashionistas! =)

XOXO from the beautiful New York City!

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