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Conquering the World in Six Inch Heels

By Amra B.

Me in My New Loubutins
I am a big fan of very very high heels. Although I am already pretty tall, I believe that there is no such thing as a high heel that is too high. I love how high heels can change my mood instantly; I slip a pair on to go to school, to work, to shop, to go out and to feel “oh so fabulous." I even wear them around the house sometimes when I want to feel extra pretty.

 Many women avoid heels for different reasons. Some dislike them because of discomfort, others because they feel too tall, and some shy away from attention they receive when wearing tall heels. I say "LADIES, toss these reasons out the window and put on the most fabulous pair of heels you own!" They will help you march towards success by making you feel fabulous and confident INSTANTLY! 

In case you don’t already own some amazing pair of high heeled shoes, here are my recommendations for the most sexy and powerful ones you can buy:  

Christian Louboutin:

My New Acquisition 

Giuseppe Zanotti: 

Jimmy Choo:


Yves Saint Laurent:  

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