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Singapore Style

By Elma B.

Singapore is an Asian city-state that consists of 63 islands.  Its neighbors include Malaysia and Indonesia.  The population of Singapore consists of the Chinese (majority), Malays (minority) and Indians (minority). Singapore is a former British colony.  Since its separation from Malaysia in the mid 1960s, Singapore has been prospering and is one of the Four Asian Tigers.

Singapore is the world’s fourth leading financial center; its port is one of the top five busiest ports in the world.  With its amassed wealth and a booming economy, Singapore has had many of the fashion powerhouses flock to the city-state and open their doors to the Singaporean consumers.  If looking for designer clothing, look no further than one of Singapore’s largest luxury shopping malls: Marina Bay Sands. For cool urban style of everyday young and chic people, look no further than the very streets of Singapore. For details, see Singapore’s street style below!!! 


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