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White Coat

By Amra B.

I was usually not the one to experiment with color in winter; black is my staple color during this season, and as the saying goes, “it is my happy color.” However, recently I discovered this beautiful-white-sweater coat, and had to try and incorporate it into my wardrobe. It was an instant success: I quickly realized that white perfectly suits everything I own. I also realized how amazingly fresh it looked in comparison to the sea of black and grays around me.

I wear my white coat with denim, black, and brown pieces. It is entirely versatile and can be worn over a dress (like I did in the photos below) or combining it with ripped jeans (example below). My tip: go for the popular minimalist aesthetic and keep it basic; combine the white coat with solid prints for a sleeker look.  

Wearing the white coat with denim 

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Outfit (below): Coat Zara, dress Elizabeth and James, boots and hat Zara, purse Salvatore Ferragamo


Ann Robie said...

I love your white coat and the way you look!

Ann |

Unknown said...

You rock that white coat :-)


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